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Made an account just to say this game *chefs kiss*

I had a great time playing, and I can't wait for the steam release!


This games teach you how to rizz girls 10/10

11/10 visual novel, sad picnic club doesnt exist irl....

It was a nice game 👍

Loved this so much!! Hope theres more content to come soon :))


such a cute game! Kara is incredibly relatable maybe too much so lol. Really excited to see where this goes in the future! 

really cute and lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever comes next

nice game! I hope there's more Kara in the future <3

God i don't know if i want to be Kara or be with Kara. She is so cool!

i enjoyed the game. it was a really fun visual novel. good job

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10/10, absolute love kara, and only partially because ive more or less become a neet since quarantine


i need her i love her

Comfy.  Kara seems cool


Need me a shawty like this.


Stunning and brave


ikea shark!!!

IKEA BLÅHAJ Shark | Know Your Meme


LOVE IT! My partner and I played this game together and really thought it was very cute game that really showcase the awkwardness of meeting someone new and also liking them. Love how we really got to Kara before anything happens between them. The dialogue felt genuine and real. 

Need to know what happens with Kara and her adventures. 


This dating sim is a w e s o m e and I think I fall in love with smug Kara...

Good Job Hitsuji, you and your friends have made something very beautiful  


Good game, only thing is I downloaded expecting to see the NEET person dressed like Driver from Drive cause I saw an image of that like a month ago. Regardless, 10/10 game.


I can't believe how much I learned from playing this game, sheesh /pos

I believe this was one of the more wholesome dating sims I've played in a long time. Kara's a mess, but she's a mess I'd love to get involved with.

Also, the blahaj was easily the best part of the game 💕


itd be really cool if this was on linux :)


You can totally play it on linux, an easy way is to download the windows installer, unzip it, download lutris, add the game as locally installed, choose wine as the runner, select the .exe file as the executable et voila!

I had to disable a few options in the Wine set-up for the game to get it to run, but it was pretty simple overall


Run it with Wine, or install the Ren'Py 7.4.11 SDK, copy over '' from the SDK to the game directory, rename '' to '', and execute ''.

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The story was really creative and Kara was the most unusual and unique dating character I have ever met in a visual novel.  

She is not someone I would ever date in real life but that's my opinion, as I like to be clean! lol 😄 Here is my playthrough of Neet Girl Date Night by Hitsuji.

I think my heart got shredded playing this game. I love Kara!



had to sign in just to say that this game is FUCKING LIT!!! will wait patiently for a steam release :3

at first i just thought it was ridiculously cute and also that it was insane how much i relate to Kara, but then she made me tear up with some of the sentiments that dug into the same places in my heart


is Neet girl trans? I for some reason keep thinking she is, and if so that’s extremely based. Also the “stuffed shark”




Trans women are based.


Nope. They're men


keep your transphobia to yourself mate


No. And it's not a phobia



phobic mf right here


Disgust is not phobia


pretty pathetic that you can’t have basic empathy for others.


based headcanon



and I love this game!!!!!


I hope that eventually we get a full steam release, and a few days of dating. This game was adorable and fantastic.


feels like a self-insert but still fun


I yearn for her in my dreams.




Loved the game! So much fun to play through!

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This game is incredible, changed my perspective on life. First time playing a dating sim, and my first time using the course of my life has changed. Never before have I related to a fictional character this hard.

same, it’s scary how much i relate to just the surface level stuff, and then there’s the bit about regretting getting rid of things you have memories of and that’s always been such a hard thing for me to deal with :(

Really liked the game and for a free release I really enjoyed it. I would love to see this expanded on in the steam release.

Cute gaaame. There’s more planned? Good, amazing. I would like more cute Kara writing. And CGs.

Shout outs to cousin. Cool guy.


man, this game was amazing 10/10!!!. when is it going to release on steam??

 based lol

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